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To Disable the "Beep" Tone:

Looking at the circuit board from the top reveals a 15 pin connector
with a gray center wire. clip the gray wire and insert the variable
resistor or fixed value of your choice.

To Restore Cellular Frequencies in the PRO-2005:

1. Unplug the PRO-2005 from power.

2. Remove the two screws on the back of the set that
hold the top cover on and remove the top cover by
sliding it back and lifting it up.

3. Looking at the rear of the front panel, on the left
hand side, you will see two diodes marked D503 (upper)
and D502 (lower). There will be two other slots
without diodes.

4. Carefully, clip the lead of diode marked D502 (the
lower of the two diodes).

5. Replace the cover and plug in the PRO-2005.

This procedure restores the inhibited 800 MHz frequencies and 30 kHz steps.

To Increase Scanning Speed:

Adding diode D501, situated at an unmarked location between
D502 and D503 sped up scan and search rates by 25%.

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