Pro-2032 800Mhz Mod

For units with date codes 3A4 and under

Modification for continuous 800 Mhz coverage
in appropriate 30 Khz steps where applicable

** This modification is only valid for units manufactured before 4/94.
** Disclaimer...All modifications are done AT YOUR OWN RISK.
** Performing this modification may void your warranty.
** Performing this modification may enable certain portions of the 800 Mhz band that is illegal to monitor under federal U.S. law.
** I strongly suggest taking ESD precautions by getting a static strap as this involves work with static sensitive devices. Any electronics store should have one for purchase.

Required equipment...small-tip soldering iron, small gauge rosin core
solder, desoldering wick, Phillips screwdriver, 1N914 or 1N4148 diode.

1. With the scanner unplugged from power, remove both upper and lower
covers (foru screws in the rear of the cabinet), taking care not to damage
the speaker wires.

2. Set the scanner upside down with the back facing you. Locate the
microprocessor shield (upper left corner near volume and squelch controls).
Unsolder and remove the shield.

3. Refer to the diagram and locate the three-legged diode at the lower
right of the microprocessor chip. Carefully unsolder and remove this

4. Referring to the diagram, place a 1N914 or 1N4148 switching diode
across the solder pads as shown. (NOTE POLARITY) Remove any excess leads
and carefully solder it in place. Be sure it's leads will not contact any
other components, paths or the reassembled shield. A small piece of tape
may be used as insulation if necessary.

5. Plug the scanner into power, turn it on and test the unit by entering
any frequency that may have been blocked in the 800 Mhz range.

6. If successful, unplug the unit and reassemble the scanner.

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