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November 17, 1999 - To enjoy this page the most you need to:

  1. See the movie.
  2. If you haven't seen the movie at least read the reviews.
  3. Use Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater too be able to use all the Java.
  4. Wait for the page to completely load to view the .asf animation & sound.
  5. Have the new version of Mplayer to play the .asf file.
  6. View using 800x600.
  7. Come back when the page is completed.
  8.  February 4, 2000

    1. I recently added the MP3 page. It is under the third image on the main page. You have to download all of the RAR parts and run the .exe file to extract the mp3.
    2. I changed the intro screen to a splash screen containing a quote from T.S. Eliot's poem Little Gidding that was in the film.
    3. Check out the FAQ web site.
    4. I included an extra page to load the animated gif's before the page comes up. This allows the asf file to load by itself, so you can view the animated gif while the asf is loading! I still do not know how to get Netscape to run the ASF files. (Remember you have to have the current Mplayer.exe that is capable of viewing asf files to see this)


If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at Mattj@airmail.net. Please title it "Run Lola Run" so that I know what it is about.


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