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0.  The name of the game is Doofathon , and it requires two people
    to say it.

1.  If anyone says the word "what", anyone else can yell "BAYO!", at
    which point the person who said the word "what" is losing big time,
    and has been had.  (e.g. "Oh I'm losing, I'm losing now...")

    This rule is especially appropriate when someone uses the word
    "what" as a complete sentence, not because they didn't hear you, but
    becayse they _did_.

2.  If someone says the word "what" and is not bayo'ed, they can yell
    "DOOF!" after anyone else has spoken, at which point _everyone_ else
    is losing and has been had, since no one yelled "BAYO!"

3.  If you yell "BAYO!" at someone who has not said the word "what", and
    the first thing they say is the word "what", they are really losing
    mondo big time.  If they say something else, you are.

4.  If someone says the word "whatever", someone else must also say the
    word "whatever", to maintain parity.

5.  If someone says "ENQ!", someone else has to either yell "ACK!" or
    "NAK!".  Repeat as desired.

6.  If someone says "SNA!", someone else has to yell "FU!" or "FOO!".
    Someone else (perhaps the original person) then has to yell "BAR!".
    Repeat until tired.

7.  If someone yells "<thing> SUCKS!", someone else also has to yell
    "<thing> SUCKS!"  Note that this game sucks.

There is a variation of this game known as Doofathon  Plus, in which
all the above rules hold and the following are added:

A.  Using any pronoun is a bayoable offense.  Yelling "DOOF!" won't help
    you any.

B.  Using the word "that" is a twitable offense.  (i.e. someone else can
    yell "TWIT!")  Once again, you can't doof your way out of this.

We played this version once.