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I've included a catalogue of my record collection here, not because I think the world cares, but because this information might prove useful to any of my friends who might want to borrow something, or who might want my opinion of any of these recordings.

Summary of all my albums

I used to keep track of my albums with an overly complex Perl script I developed called PCD (for _P_erl _CD_ Database). (It was, in fact, the first Perl script I ever wrote.) This script allowed entering absurd amounts of information about an album, including most of the credits, track listings, and so on. The amount of work required to add a single album was getting out of hand, so I scaled back to a simple text file that keeps the essential information. From this file, I generate the HTML table linked above using a very small Perl script.

I'm not very prompt about entering new albums into my database, nor uploading the latest version, so what you see here could be a bit out of date.