Nun's Meadow Software

Projector for Windows History:

New to 4.2a: Paste images into Projector; Choose options for actions during display; Dither options for background. 4.2d: Movement on a path during display. 2e: Recompress; Save to Wallpaper; Random placement. New Auto-extracting setup. 2f: Some timing,installation, wallpaper corrections. 2g: Movie Motion. 2h: install fixes, layout changes. 4.3d: Added Sound 4.4b: Added Print, TWAIN Support 4c: Large preview on click 4f: Link to file; fix for Add All. 4.5a: Added AVI looping, FLI/FLC support, transition out for images. 4.5c: Fixed text-alone playback, Added Print Preview, some setup screen cleanup, Added random playback. 4.5d: Changed archive loading. Updated install to put aaplay in \windows\system, included latest version of proj4.exe.

4.5G: Fixed an archive loading problem. Improved flick playback (eliminated occasional black screen) Refixed effect on preview. Refixed effect selection. Refixed image playback.

Projector for Win95/NT History:

v1: First release. New image engine, all 32 bit software. Lost animation support again, but gained interrupt during image load and interrupt during transitions. 42 transitions.

Changed width/height to reduce by x or enlarge by x.

Added internal, 32 bit support for FLIs and most FLCs. New feature - resizable flicks.

v1d: Fix to archive loading problem. Fixed a palette problem. Fixed a preview problem. Added effects on preview. Increased the range of effects down to 1 pixel.

v1e: Added online help.

v1.1a: Added shape as an option; you can choose from 5 shapes to display an image, animatation, or movie.

v1.1b: Finally solved an annoying problem that caused the saver not to clear on mouse movement after a long play.

v1.1c: Fixed setup preview click-to-enlarge. Ran Memory Sleuth by TurboPower, and got a clean report.

v1.1d: Repaired 'GDI page fault' problem. General cleanup.

v1.1e: Fixed a false error message with fli/flc files.

v1.1f: Fixed ctrl-alt-delete with password on (blocked). Added capability to set default time and text in ini.

v1.2a: Fixed index on playback. Improved setup layout. Added image tags to demo mode. Added Allied Software TM as a UK distributor.

v1.2b: Added Allied to help file; fixed scr name on install.

v1.5a: New screen layout; added rich text handling; Added presentation mode. Removed any support for flc files until a more complete solution can be implemented. Added db navigator. Added second text button for ease of use. Added pricing support for unlimited qty playback.

v1.6a: Multiple file open approaches.

v1.7a: Changed load/save p32 to standard dialog. Changed strategy for p32 loading.

v1.8a: Updated components: database, compression; improved interface, execution handling.

v1.8b: Fixed update of database if test during edit.

v1.8c: Added Browse Web button; added process to movie playback during resizing.

v1.8d: Fixed shape sequencing; fixed shh for movies; fixed sound for movie preview; improved play.

v1.8e: Lost task bar entry for Projector running. Fixed Test after sound preview. Another fix for movie sizing during playback.