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Rhuarc Burt Lancaster

He is tall and handsome with a strong, square face and a good smile. His dark red hair is graying. ( TDR,Ch39 ) He has broad shoulders and blue eyes.

Amys Greer Garson

If after watching 'Mrs. Miniver' and 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips' you're not a diehard Greer Garson fan, you're just a heartless bastard!

Lian Susan Hampshire

Best known as Molly MacDonald from the BBC's 'Monarch of the Glen', Susan is perfect for Lian.

Bain Samantha Bond

Ms. Bond has almost, but not quite been a Bond girl! She's played Miss Moneypenny in the last 4 Bond films, and would be great as Bain.

Chiad Carey Lowell

Carey Lowell, on the other hand, HAS been a Bond girl ('License to Kill'), as well as a long run on 'Law & Order.'
Carey and Samantha do look a bit alike, but in truth, each one could play the other's role without much of a problem. With the veils up, who's gonna notice?

Gaul Ned Vaughn

Ned Vaughn hasn't had a huge career, ('Hunt For Red October', 'Courage Under Fire') but he fits the description of Gaul to a "T".

Bael Charles Dance

Charles Dance has often been cast as a villain, ('Golden Child', 'Last Action Hero') but I feel he would do quite well as Bael.

Couladin Vladimir Kulich

He is tall and broad-shouldered with flame colored hair. He is short of his middle years

Sevanna Helen Mirren

Pull out your old VHS copy of John Boorman's 1981 hack & slash flick 'Excalibur', and check out Helen Mirren's performance as the evil Morgana. Now, isn't she just right as Sevanna?

Therava Patricia Hayes

OK, imagine the nice old sorceress Fin Raziel from the movie 'Willow' turned mean & nasty! Perfect for Therava!

Melindhra Natasha Henstridge

She is taller than Mat with hair like spun gold and eyes the color of a clear morning sky. She is about thirty


(Leader of Maidens of the Spear)
Glenn Close

I've never been real impressed with Glenn Close other than her role in 'Dangerous Liaisons', but she'd be good as the scarred Far Dareis Mai leader, Sulin.

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