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Asmodean Elias Koteas

A great if somewhat underused actor, Koteas ('Traffic: The Miniseries', 'The Thin Red Line') would absolutely nail the part of Asmodean.

Demandred Rudolph Valentino

The heartthrob of the 20's, but I always found him vaguely reptilian. Demandred's a pretty humorless character, and as far as I can recall, Valentino rarely smiled...

Ishamael James Mason

He is not as tall as Lews Therin . ( TEotW,Prologue ) He is handsome and in his prime. His mouth and eyes sometimes appear as endless caverns of flame. ( TEotW,Ch14 ) He has pitch-dark eyes.

Moghedien Merle Oberon

She is sturdily handsome with shoulder-length hair worn loose. She has large, dark eyes and smooth cheeks.

Sammael Matt Letscher

Letscher ('Identity', 'The Mark Of Zorro', 'Gods And Generals') was about to be cast as an Aiel, when I re-read the description of Sammael. It's a better fit!

Lanfear Monica Bellucci

She is incredibly beautiful and graceful. She has pale, smooth skin, long, black hair and eyes dark as night. She dresses in white with silver jewelry. ( TGH,Ch48 ) She is tall and slender with dark eyes and shoulder-length black hair

Aginor Yul Brynner

Brynner ('The Magnificent Seven', 'The King & I', 'Westworld') would be great in almost any of the Forsaken roles. He's a great pick as Aginor, though, because I see Brynner easily being a match for Rand, Lan, or whoever faces him.

Graendal Mamie Van Doren

While Marilyn Monroe was a tempting pick, Mamie Van Doren would suit the character better. She's not as high profile, but still has the 50's sex-kitten image.

Runner Up: Jayne Mansfield
Balthamel Conrad Veidt

A German actor from the early 1900's, Veidt is best known for his role of Major Heinrich Strasser in 'Casablanca'. He'd play the aged yet powerful Balthamel very well.

His portrayal as Rasputin is what put him in mind for this role.
Semirhage Grace Jones

OK, we need a tall, slender, dark-skinned actress for a role of a doctor/sadist that revels in torture. Can't think of anybody better suited than Grace Jones!

Mesaana Rebecca De Mornay

When she is disguised and hiding her ability to channel she is tall with a voice of silver chimes. ( ACoS,Prologue ) She appears just short of her middle years and has blue eyes.

Be'Lal Steven Seagal

OK, stay with me on this one...
First, we're using the slim mid-80's Seagal, not the bloated joke he's now become. He's got the requisite evil aura about him, and a look of absolute determination that a Forsaken needs.
Besides, how much fun would it be to see Seagal get balefired?

Moridin James Caviezel

He is a tall, broad shouldered young man the same size as Rand with bright blue eyes and a too strong chin. He has a deep voice. He is almost pretty enough for Graendal . ( ACoS,Ch25 ) He is a big fellow with black hair and a deep voice. He is easily as tall as Rand

Aran'gar (Halima) Gina Gershon

Attractive & sexy as anything, but you just get the idea Gina Gershon is a bit twisted. Or maybe kinky is the word I'm looking for.
Either way, she's perfect for Halima.

Osan'gar Kevin Spacey

He has an ordinary face and is not young. ( LoC,Prologue ) In his middle years, he is a daydreamer. He moves in a hesitant, creeping way and tilts his head oddly when addressing someone. ( ACoS,Ch2 ) He has lank, untrimmed hair. ( TPoD,Ch13 ) He has a plain, creased face.

Cyndane Rosamund Pike

She is a short young woman with long silver hair, vivid blue eyes and an impressive bosom. She holds herself very straight striving for height. ( TPoD,Ch12 ) She has a low, breathy voice.

Slayer/Lord Luc of Mantear/Isam Mandragoran

(OK, not really a Forsaken, but definitely deserves a place on the "Bad Guy" page.)
Vladimir Mashkov

Isam Mandragoran is cousin to Lan, so they should look very much alike. Mashkov, a Russian actor ('Behind Enemy Lines') has been called a Banderas lookalike, so he's a shoo-in for the role of Luc/Slayer/Isam.

Padan Fain

(Same deal... definitely deserves a place on the "Bad Guy" page.)
Peter Lorre

He is a pale, skinny fellow with gangly arms and a massive beak of a nose. ( TEotW,Ch3 ) He is a skinny little fellow with a large nose and wide ears.

"You may have Callandor, Mr. Al'Thor, but we most certainly have you!" (Sorry, couldn't resist that one...)

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