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Selucia Ginger Rogers

There's a great quote about Ginger Rogers that says she did everything Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels! With talent like that, playing Selucia should be a snap.

High Lady Suroth Sabelle Meldarath Sela Ward

The sides of her scalp are shaved so that only a wide crest of black hair remained to fall down her back. The first two nails of each hand are lacquered blue. She has black eyes and is the same height as Liandrin . ( TGH,Ch40 ) She is pretty but hard.

Juilin Sandar Mark Dacascos

Dacascos is a bit young for Juilin Sandar, but as a martial artist and stuntman ('Brotherhood of the Wolf', 'Island of Dr. Moreau') he'd be great as the staff-wielding Tearan thief-catcher.

Aram Ben Chaplin

(Chaplin filmography - 'Thin Red Line', 'Lost Souls')
He is handsome and slender, about the same age as Perrin , and looks like Wil al'Seen . ( TEotW,Ch25 ) He has dark eyes.

Tallanvor Sean Bean

He is young and has dark eyes

Masema Dagar Willam Sadler

Sadler ('Die Hard 2', 'Trespass', 'The Green Mile') has got the appropriate "helter skelter" look in his eyes of a true zealot. Perfect for Masema!

Elyas Machera Clint Eastwood

The 1960's "Man With No Name" Eastwood is perfect for Machera. He's got the steely-eyed gaze of a former Warder, and even trading sixgun for a sword, could still kill quick as an eyeblink.

Olver Unknown

Look, the kid from 'Malcolm in the Middle' just has big ears... he's not really ugly. Quit casting him as Olver! You want to cast a kid that just looks absolutely damaged. Front runners are the banjo-playing kid from 'Deliverance', and that mangy-looking kid Aziz from 'The 5th Element'.

Egeanin Janine Turner

She is very fair, with short, dark hair, a hard face and blue eyes. ( TGH,Ch29 ) She has shoulder-length dark hair and a stern face. She is lovely and very fair with blue eyes. ( TSR,Ch46 ) She is tall with sharp blue eyes. Her short dark hair is cut in a bowl since she was made one of the Blood

Bayle Domon Alan Hale, Sr.

Alan Hale is best known for his sidekick roles, like Little John in the 1938 version of 'Robin Hood', and also in 'The Sea Hawk". Giving the role of a "Skipper" might seem better for his son, but Sr. was the better actor!

Valan Luca Rupert Everett

He is a tall, dark-haired man, good-looking with a well-turned leg

Queen Tylin Anne Parillaud

She is no taller than Nynaeve , but she has a regal bearing. She has glossy black hair with some gray at the temples. She has two scars on her cheeks. ( LoC,Ch48 ) She is not young and has some gray, but she is handsome with large dark eyes.

Amathera Gene Tierney

She is well short of her middle years. She is lovely with a pouty mouth and dark hair. ( TSR,Ch52 ) She has dark hair, large dark eyes, and a petulant rosebud mouth.


(Fireworks Lady)
Rachel Weisz

She is slender and wears her hair in multiple braids. She is pretty, with large, dark eyes and a small, full mouth. She is in her mid thirties. ( TDR,Ch40 ) She is slender. Her dark hair is no longer in braids. ( TFoH,Ch17 ) She has waist-length dark hair

Pedron Niall

(Head of Whitecloaks)
James Coburn

He is all sinew and bone, with white hair. He has dark eyes.

Noal Charin Roberts Blossom

Roberts Blossom played Ned Svenbourg on my all-time favorite episode of 'Northern Exposure', and also had roles in 'Stephen King's Christine' and 'Doc Hollywood'. Fine actor, and very good for the role of Jain Farstrider, er... I mean Noal Charin!

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