U.S.M.C. M41 HBT Combat "Dungaree" Utilities

The classic WW2 Marine combat uniform from Guadalcanal to Okinawa and then on Korea, made of sage green herringbone twill (HBT) cotton. The jacket has a four-button front, one upper patch pocket, stenciled with the Corps' famous "Globe & Anchor" emblem, and two more lower pockets. The trousers are loose-fitting with two slash pockets, two rear patch pockets and a watch pocket. All buttons are blackened brass with lettering reading U.S. Marine Corps. 8 oz herringbone cotton in sage green.

The cap is the M1941 style. This cap has a short visor and no, repeat, no Marine emblem on the crown. The long visor style with the Marine emblem silkscreened on the crown is the M1944 style that was issued in the last year of the war. We do not yet make the M1944 style.

IN STOCK NOW with orders delivered in approx. 3 days if paid with money order, Mastercard, or Visa. Price: $150 per set (including utility cap and Airborne Express delivery inside the United States.)

Purchased separately: $80 Sizing:Small (34/36 chest), Medium (38/40), Large (42/44), XLarge (46/48), XXL (50/52)

Purchased separately: $80 Sizing:Small (28), Medium (32), Large (36), XL (40), XXL (44) All inseams are 33 with an additional 1.7 inches in the cuff if you need to add length.

Purchased separately: $20 Sizing: 7, 7-1/8,
7-1/4 SOLD OUT, 7-3/8 SOLD OUT, 7-1/2 SOLD OUT, 7-5/8, 7-3/4.

Replace those missing buttons on your original uniforms with these outstanding reproductions. Sold in packages of 20, with correct rivets : $10 per package.

Some uniforms will exhibit color shifts between the cover, blouse, or trousers due to different dye lots. We will match your set as closely as possible, but we cannot guarantee that all your uniform items were cut from the same roll of fabric.


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