SOLDAT: The World War II German Army Combat Uniform Collector's Handbook

These great little books, by Cyrus Lee, are full of details about German uniforms, weapons, equipment, rations, and just about everything the military history buff would want to know about the common German foot soldier. We consult these volumes almost every day and you will, too.

SOLDAT Volume I: Equipping the German Army Foot Soldier in Europe 1939-1942 covers the the early war years of 1939-1942 and includes great photos of dozens of items commonly used by German soldiers, but never documented in other books. Things like the German's version of the Coleman gasoline stove and the grenade case rack for "egg" grenades. Also included in this book are the text of an Eastern front veteran's combat diary and travel tips for visiting European WW2 battlefields. Paperback, 232 pages, 16 color photos, 190 b/w photos, 5 illustrations.
Price: $13.50

SOLDAT Volume II: Equipping the German Army Foot Soldier in Europe 1943 is devoted to the crucial turning point year of 1943, when so many changes were taking place in the German soldier's look and outlook. Lots of coverage is given to the M1943 field service uniform and the M43 field cap, which was probably the most popular headgear issued to German troops in WW2. Interesting topics in this volume include a section on frontline German slang, and how to read German identity disks (dogtags). Paperback, 88 pages, 8 color photos, 46 b/w photos, 1 illustration.
Price: $8.50

SOLDAT Volume III: Equipping the German Army Foot Soldier in Europe 1944-1945 concentrates on the final 16 months of the Wehrmact Heer, including extensive coverage of the M44 field uniform, army camouflage uniforms, and even the fiber content of uniform cloth in the final years. Continuations from previous volumes include "Der alte Hase", first person recollections of German veterans, and a new list of frontline vocabulary words. Paperback, 196 pages, 24 color photos, 127 b/w photos, 1 illustration.
Price: $11.50

SOLDAT Volume V: Uniforms and Insignia of Panzerkorps GROSSDEUTSCHLAND 1939-1945 This volume deals exclusively with uniforms and insignia of Grossdeutschland from its early war days as an infantry regiment, up to the end when it had expanded to corps-level and was the parent organization of such formations as the Fuhrer-begleit Brigade. Also included in this volume is the text and drawings of the zeltbahn (combination poncho/shelter quarter) manual. This is an excellent first book for someone who's just getting interested in German uniforms. Paperback, 219 pages, 12 color photos, 162 b/w photos, 11 illustrations.
Price: $13.50

SOLDAT Volume XI: The Reproductions - The Postwar Years This is a book that can save you big money! Believe it or not, there are actually criminals who will try to sell you a fake German uniform as an original. Yes, it's shocking, but with this book in your hand, you can be ready for them. We highly recommend this book for anyone who's interested in collecting WW2 German militaria. Color photos show you real and bogus army and SS insignia and camouflage patterns. Paperback, 284 pages, 24 color photos, 343 b/w photos, 11 illustrations.
Price: $16.80

Vol.I: Battle Dress, Weapons and EquipmentThis book is the first of a series on uniforms and equipment of the WW2 Canadian Army. This new series will trace the Canadian soldier's path from the Great White North through the Med, the Pacific and Northwest Europe during the years 1939-1945. Written by Michael Dorosh of Canada, a member of the Calgary Highlanders.

Coming soon:
the first of two volumes addressing the information needs of the Waffen-SS collector and reenactor.

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