Tropical Helmet

The troppenhelm (tropical helmet), was intended to be the basic headgear of the Afrika Korps because it was thought the steel helmet would not be suitable for combat in the blazing North Arfican sun. After the first six months or so, the tropical helmet was used mostly on occasions requiring a more formal appearance, such as awards and funeral ceremonies. Nevertheless, all troops bound for North Africa until the end of the campaign in 1943 were issued and reissued the tropical helmet, and they continued to be used in Italy and other Mediterranean areas after the German collapse in Africa.

The Lost Battalions reproduction (shown at right) is made from tropical olive twill covered cork, just like the originals. It has the correct green leather edge binding and chin strap, red cotton lining, and screw-in top vent.

Size: 56, 57, 58, 59, 60.
Price: $143 complete, includes US shipping
Availability: Now taking orders for late November delivery.

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