German Army M1936 Field Blouse (feldbluse)

This field gray jacket (right) was made of a high quality wool-rayon blend and featured a dark "bottle green"collar. Shoulder straps were also made of the same material, attaching at the loop on the sleeve seam and the button on the shoulder. It had five field gray pebbled metal buttons down the front and pleated patch pockets with three pointed flaps. The collar was closed by a hook and eye, but could be worn open under field conditions. The lining of the jacket was made of real or ersatz (rayon) cotton or linen twill and includes a small pocket inside the lower right front for a field dressing. Suspenders running under the jacket lining held small metal hooks which fit through the eyelets in the front and back of the jacket to provide lift support for the cartridge belt.

Our version of the jacket is made of high quality field gray wool and is lined with cotton twill. We also include the elusive canvas internal cartridge belt suspenders that are so hard to find. All German Army field blouses come with the German Army's breast eagle insignia in place.Order Now. $320

Underlining cartridge belt suspenders purchased separately $30

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