German Army M1944 Field Blouse (feldbluse)

The M1944 field blouse (right) was a radical departure in appearance for the German soldier. The color was now olive brown or "1944 field gray" however, many continued to be made in the earlier bluish green shades of field gray or slate gray. The four belt hooks were reduced to two, with one on each side, or even none at all. The jacket had two large unpleated breast pockets and closely resembled British battle dress. Like battle dress, this uniform was a design dictated by the need to economize in materials and production time. The importance of this can be seen when it is understood that the earlier uniform jackets required up to forty pieces for assembly. This field blouse, and the trousers that came with it, were tested by several divisions including the elite Grossdeutschland in 1943. The GD troops were very enthusiastic and considered the design smart and snappy. The design was approved and adopted for all German ground forces, including the Waffen-SS, in July of 1944. A new triangular breast eagle was also introduced with the M44 uniform, but many photos show the early model continuing in use. Uniform material manufactured at this time of the war was very poor, in some cases containing 90% artificial fibers, but stocks of earlier field gray continued to be utilized up to the final surrender. Ours is high quality field gray and comes with the early style breast eagle in place. The low price makes it ideal for younger reenactors or the budget concious beginning collector of WW2 reproductions. Order Now. $165

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