German Army Officer's Field Service Blouse (feldbluse)

The Army officer's field blouse changed little over the course of the war. Its key elements, the turnback cuffs, dark green pointed collar, and scalloped pockets remained key features from first to last. However, material quality suffered from the same declines as all German uniforms. This brought about a six button front on many jackets and the cloration of the uniform went through many unusual turns as captured stocks of fabric from many countries including Russia, Italy, Holland, and others were utilized. Ours is in field gray with a wire embroidered officer quality breast eagle. Order Now. $350
With officer's shoulder boards, rank and collar tabs in place $450

M1936 Feldbluse | M1940 Feldbluse |
M1942 Feldbluse | M1943 Feldbluse | M1944 Feldbluse