German Army M1942 Service Trousers

These trousers are often referred to as mountai-style trousers or "Keilhosen". Actually, they were possibly the most widely used trousers in the German army after 1942. Originally introduced in 1941 to be worn with the new ankle boot. these have loops to take a cartridge belt and also have provisions for trouser suspenders. These trousers were the first meant to be adaptable to shirt-sleeve order for fighting or working in hot weather. The ankles are tapered and feature an adjustable stirrup to hold the trouser legs inside the gaiters. The seat is reinforced with an additional layer of wool. The photos on this page are of one of our reproduction pairs, photographed before the application of buttons so you can see it's not just photos of a mint pair. Order Now. $110

Note precisely correct details of the pockets, watch pocket, and belt loops on our M42 Service trouser.
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