Afrika Korps Uniform Items

German Army Tropical Uniform

This section is named for the "Afrika Korps" because the tropical uniforms are most closely associated with the great Rommel and company. However, these uniforms were worn extensively in France, Italy, Yugoslavia, S.Russia, Greece, the Med, and of course, AFRIKA.
Availability: We are ready to produce these uniforms, now. We have patterned and prototyped the tropical uniforms and are very pleased with the results. We think they look very good and we're confident that you will, too. However, we need a supply of the three-pronged buckles such as the one pictured here for the integral belt in the shorts, trousers, and breeches. Please contact us if you know of a source for these buckles. If we have to produce them from scratch, it will drive up the price and that's counter to our goal of providing the best reproductions at an affordable price. Once we solve this problem, we will celebrate with a special price on the complete Afrika Korps uniform, just like the introductory special we are running on the field gray wool '43 uniform.
The Army Tropical Field Cap the two men in the foreground, right, are wearing is universally recognized as one of the coolest looking (not to mention practical) military caps ever produced. Ever notice how the visors on US fatigue and utility caps got longer after 1944? Same for baseball caps after the war. I've never seen a reproduction of this cap with the proper top seam (just visible on the cap at the right). Except for ours, of course. We also have the vent holes and the red lining.
Availability of Tropical Field Cap: March.'97. Estimated Price: $40

The Army Tropical Shirt
worn by the men in the photo above is a four-button pullover made from olive shade artificial cotton. It has long sleeves, pleated breast pockets with pointed flaps, and has loops and buttons for detachable shoulder straps. The olive painted pocket and strap buttons are pebbled. Ours are made of real cotton poplin, so they'll last a lot longer than the originals.
Availability of German Army Tropical Shirt: March '97. Estimated Price: $40

German Army Tropical Shorts
were made of the same artifical cotton as the cap, trousers and field blouse. Ours are made of real cotton, but they have the sewn in cloth belt with three prong buckle, two slash pockets, watch pocket, and one rear pocket. They cost about as much as the long trousers to produce.
Availability of Tropical Shorts: March. '97. Estimated Price: $60

German Army Tropical Boots Knee-high versions for wearing with breeches and shorts, and the ankle-high versions for trousers are both available. The two types are almost identical, with the exception of height. The leather lowers are an orangey brown, almost like U.S. Army russet, and the tops are olive canvas.
Availability of Tropical Boots: June '97. Estimated Price: $75 for ankle high; $120 for knee highs.

German Army Tropical Field Blouse This jacket has a five button front, characteristic open collar (no hook present), and four patch pockets with pleats and pointed flaps. Like all our German tropicals, this item is olive shade cotton, but feel free to wash all this stuff until it turns white (do your hair the same way, and people will think you were really there). Wear this jacket with matching breeches for the classic '41 Desert Tour look, or our tropical trousers for the Tunisian Capitulation Fest. The photo shows our army summer tunic in reed green HBT. It's cut identically to the tropical tunic, but with the addition of a sixth button at the throat.
Availability of Tropical Feldbluse, trousers, & breeches: March '97. Estimated Price: $150 for jacket; $100 for breeches; $75 for trousers.