Fallschirmjaeger Helmet

Paratrooper Helmet

Tooling is currently underway for this project for both 68 (head size 57, 58, and 59) and 71 (head size 60, 61, and 62) shell sizes. The original plan was to make the 71 shell only, but we’re trying to squeeze both sizes into our budget. We believe the first of these will be shipping by October 15 to November 1, 1998, if no unexpected difficulties are encountered. Price is $250 each for all orders placed prior to the product ship date.

Liners are made of correct pigskin and dense-cell black foam rubber padding. The chin straps are blue/gray goatskin. Finish is dark blue/gray (early) with double or single decal or dark green (late) with single or no decal. The following “field applied” overpaint finishes are also available for an additional $25: desert solid, Italian theater tortoise camo, winter white, and chicken wire. These will all measure up to the Lost Battalions reputation for unsurpassed quality.

The original plan was to sell these helmets through a subscription plan, to cover the extremely high development cost of the project. However business has been good enough that this plan may be unnecessary, and we’re moving forward with development. If we should have to resort to the subscription plan to get the project finished, those who have pre-ordered will be notified.

To get on the waiting list for one of these helmets, provide us with your name, address, daytime phone, and hat size (either European or U.S. will do). No deposit or other payment is due at this time.
Price: $250.00 (subject to change for orders received after the product ships, orders received prior to product ship date are guaranteed the $250 price)