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fallschirmjäger Helmet
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The German paratrooper, known as the Fallschirmjaeger (literally "Hunter from the Sky"), was the inventor of the "vertical envelopment" attack. First used to capture the "invincible" fortress of Eben Emael in 1940, the German paratroopers, actually part of the German Luftwaffe, went on to fight in Crete, North Africa, Russia, Normandy, Italy, and other campaigns where they gained their hard won reputation as the toughest force in the German military machine.

Our fallschirmjaeger tropical uniform is a faithful reproduction of the uniform worn by German paratroopers who fought in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy from 1941 - 1945.

2nd Model Paratrooper Jump Smock

The famous gray/green step-in jump smock as worn by the fellow on the left. Our reproduction is the early style with a button fly-front and four zip closure pockets. Legs and cuffs have large "snaps" for adjustment. The Luftwaffe eagle is sewn on the upper right breast.

3rd Model Paratrooper Jump Smock Conversion

After the final version of the fallschirmjaeger smock appeared in splinter-pattern camouflage, many of the earlier gray-green smocks were converted to the 3rd model style. This smock is similar to the 2nd model described above, but does not have the short step-in legs. The lower edge of the smock snaps up to form "legs" which keep the smock from riding up when exiting the aircraft. A cloth flare-gun holster is also added to the right rear skirt to complete the conversion.

Luftwaffe Tropical Trousers

At last, the famous baggy pants seen in all those old photos and newsreels of surrendering Luftwaffe personnel in Africa, Sicily, and Italy. These have the sewn-in cloth waist belt and the cloth blousing tabs at the ankles. Sliding metal buckles are used just the like the originals. And, most important of all, they've got the big map pocket on the left thigh.

Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt & Shorts

These shorts are held up with a sewn in cloth belt with sliding buckle, just like the originals. The shirt comes in your choice of long and short sleeve versions, and both shorts and shirts are in Luftwaffe "khakibraun" twill. Get a set of these before invading any hot weather countries. See the illustration at right.

Paratrooper Ammunition Bandoleer

Make sure you've got plenty of ammo along on your next jump with these canvas bandoleers. Your choice of gray-green, khaki-brown, luftwaffe blue (illustrated), and soon in splinter camouflage. Collect all four!