Luftwaffe Tropical Uniforms
In 1940, the Luftwaffe began to anticipate action in hotter climates and developed a distinctive tropical uniform for use by all personnel including pilots, groundcrew, flak personnel, field division troops and paratroopers.

This uniform is closely associated with the Hermann Göring Division and the Fallschirmjäger (paratroop) units operating in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and other Mediterranean locales, although it was in fact used by all Luftwaffe personnel in those regions. The color of the new tropical uniforms was khaki-braun. In reality, this color encompassed a wide range from a fairly dark salmon-tan shade to a light tan-peach and then on to a sand yellow shade. This is one reason why even black-and-white photos of Luftwaffe personnel show a definite color shift between uniform items. The fabric seems to usually have been a high-grade cotton in the trousers and jacket, not artificial cotton or linen like in many Army tropicals, in a light weight 7-8 ounce twill.

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Luftwaffe Tropical Trousers

That's a photo of our reproductions above. These have the sewn-in cloth waist belt and the cloth blousing tabs at the ankles, as well as all the oddball little fabric pieces found in the originals. We don't cut any corners on these, every weird goody is included. Sliding metal buckles are used at the waist and on each ankle just like the originals. And, most important of all, they've got the big map pocket on the left thigh. These trousers are available in waist sizes of 32/34, 36/38, 40/42, and 44/46. Inseam lengths are 30 and 34. Price $135.
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Luftwaffe Tropical

Every detail, from the long pointed collars, the docked chest pockets, and weird little triangular gussets under the armpits, is included. These cotton shirts are in one of the many shades of Khakibraun to help provide an authentic color shift between shirt, trousers, jacket and cap. Buttons are dark tan plastic. Price $50. Out of Stock! We'll have more in stock approx October 1.
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