Waffen-SS M1936 Field Blouse (feldbluse)

This field gray jacket is completely identical to the Army's M36 blouse. In fact, when the Waffen-SS switched to field gray in 1938, they were uniformed from Army stocks. The only step in converting to Waffen-SS use was the change in insignia. The reduction in the number of cartridge belt hook eyelets from 3 (as on the army's) to two occured with the adoption of the M40 bluse. Confusion about this was created by the tendency of NCO's to add a dark green collar to the M40 as shown in the illustration at left. However, the true M36 SS conversions should have three eyelets and that is the way we now make them.

Our version of the jacket is made of high quality field gray wool and is lined with cotton twill. We also include the elusive cotton canvas internal suspenders which are so hard to find. All Waffen-SS field blouses come with the sleeve eagle insignia in place. Order Now. $320

Underlining cartridge belt suspenders purchased separately $30

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