Waffen-SS M43 Field Blouse (feldbluse)

The M1943 field blouse was actually introduced in the Army during the autumn of 1942 and contained a number of time/material saving steps including the elimination of the pocket flap points and the internal suspenders (already eliminated on many of the M42 series production). The belt hooks were held up by suspenders made of cloth strips sewn to the inside of the jacket. The lining was usually shiny 100% rayon "silk". Fabric quality had degraded to the point where 70% of the blend was artificial wool made of cellulose fibers. The change in material was accompanied by a new field gray shade that contained less green than earlier uniforms. However, the earlier shades of field gray wool from existing stocks continued used on the new jackets.The Waffen-SS continued to retain the 5 button front and the two position eyelets for the belt hooks. The jacket is sold with the Waffen-SS sleeve eagle insignia in place. Order Now. $275

This is one of our M43 wool German Army field blouses (the Waffen-SS version is identical, but with 5 button front) photographed during construction prior to applying insignia and belt hook eyelets. It's made of custom field gray wool that exactly matches German wartime production from the WW2 period.

Here's a close up shot of the first aid dressing pocket inside the right jacket skirt. It also shows detail of the artificial silk lining so characteristic of original jackets.

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