Waffen-SS Officer's Field Service Blouse (feldbluse)

The Waffen-SS adopted field gray as their uniform color in 1938 and the officer's field blouse was modeled closely on that of the army. Its key elements, the turnback cuffs, dark green pointed collar, and scalloped pockets remained key features from first to last. However, material quality suffered from the same declines as all German uniforms. Unlike the army, most Waffen-SS jackets retained the five button front. Again, as with the army, captured stocks of fabric from many countries including Russia, Italy, Holland, and others were utilized. Ours is in field gray with a wire embroidered officer quality sleeve eagle. Order Now. $350
With officer's shoulder boards, rank and collar tabs in place $450

As the officer's uniform blouses wore out under field conditions, many adopted modified enlisted issue field blouses. Many photos can be seen of officers in the Army and Waffen-SS using standard M36 blouses with insignia, French cuffs and even collars salvaged from worn out blouses and applied to the issue item. The photo at right shows such an enlisted tunic that a customer had us convert to represent a front line officer's combat conversion. In this case, it's for a major (sturmbannführer) commanding a grenadier battalion of the 1st SS Panzer Division. The conversion process is the same as that performed during WW2: we start with a Lost Battalions M36 bluse, raise the lower pockets to cover the front hook eyelets, raise the hem to fit the new position of the pockets lower edge, and add French cuffs and insignia. With collar tabs, wire cuff title, wire sleeve eagle, and shoulder boards as shown: $450.

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