Waffen-SS Summer Uniforms

Modelle 1942 Summer Combat UniformM-1940 Reed Green Uniform

The Waffen-SS at first solved it's warm weather uniform needs by dying the pre-war HBT linen fatigue uniforms reed green and bringing back the M35 earth gray cotton twill fatigue blouse, but this did not really solve the problem in the greatly expanded ranks of the Waffen-SS. So the SS brought out its own version of the Army's HBT field blouse. However, it kept the traditional five button front.

Our reproduction (yes we know that's a picture of our Heer repro at right - we'll try to get time to put up the SS one this week) is based on the one displayed in a Leipzig military museum.The SS apparently did not introduce simplified versions of the blouse in the way the Army did. All reported examples we know of had the early style pleats and pocket flaps. The likely reason is that these simplifications were incorporated into the famous Waffen-SS M44 camouflage uniform introduced in early 1944. We hope to add the M44 camouflage uniform to our catalog in the 2nd Quarter of 1999.

This exacting reproduction features removable buttons with correct "S" toggles, authentic looking size stampings and SS-BW number inside the front, correct rayon lining pieces, and woven (aka BeVo) sleeve insignia.

Sizes 38, 40, 48, 50, and 52 left in stock as of 8/15/98. Orders for these sizes delivered in approx. 3 days if paid with money order, Mastercard, or Visa. Price: $285 per set, blouse and trousers (including Airborne Express delivery inside the United States). Trousers only: $95. Add your choice of stiff buckram backed embroidered or unbacked woven (aka BeVo) SS enlisted collar tabs for an additional $20. Click here for the details of the Lost Battalions reproduction of this uniform.

M42 Summer uniform blouse
(Item code SS-308)
Purchased separately: $195 Sizing: Regular lengths only (sorry, no shorts or longs). U.S. sizes as follows 38, 40, 42
SOLD OUT, 44 SOLD OUT, 46 SOLD OUT, 48, 50, 52.
If the size you need is sold out,
don't panic! We're already making more, but you need to get on the list!

Details of the Lost Battalions Reproduction

Our German summer uniforms are absolutely the best reproduction German HBT uniforms ever made. Period. This includes any manufacturer, in any country you wish to name. This is an indisputable fact. What's more they're also the most affordable German jacket and pants combination available from anywhere! And you can only get them here.

Lost Battalions reed green HBT summer combat uniforms are made of 100% cotton herringbone twill in a coarse herringbone very similar to that used by the Germans, but not quite as narrow or coarsely woven. Our German HBT is the by far the closest to the WW2 German weave of any reproduction HBT that we have seen. This includes the weave used by other manufacturers for their Waffen-SS HBT camouflage suits. When compared to US HBT, there are typically 5 herringbone rows on original German fabric for every 4 herringbone rows on US fabric. Other manufacturers of German uniforms use HBT that has 2 rows for every 4 American rows. This is way too wide and far off the mark to make an accurate reproduction. We use fabric that shows 4.5 rows to every 5 rows on original German fabric.

Above left, is a photo showing the back and side construction of the Lost Battalions reproduction. At right, is a photo of a reversed feldbluse showing the "artificial silk" lining and internal construction.. As you can see, we put in ALL the pieces. We also have realistic looking contractor stampings: "Falschmeister Anzugfabrik" maker stamp, "H"-pattern size stampings and army clothing depot stampings with the years appropriate to the respective models inside the front, just as on the originals. The removeable pebbled buttons are held in place by the unique "S"-shaped wire button toggles found on German cotton and linen uniform jackets. Yes, unlike everyone else, Lost Battalions uniforms even have the correct collar hooks! These aren't just Hollywood wardrobe uniforms.



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