Lost Battalions' WW2 Waffen-SS Wool Uniforms

Waffen-SS Wool Uniforms

Affordable reproduction Waffen-SS uniforms are now available in the same excellent field gray wool we use for our German Army reproductions. We are now accepting orders for enlisted uniforms with the M36, M40, M42, M43, and M44 field blouses as well as the Officer's Field Service Blouse.
As with the other catalogs, the Waffen-SS catalog also provides a quick lesson on the evolution of WW2 uniforms used by the Waffen-SS. Of course, we use the same great field gray wool in our Waffen-SS uniforms as in our WW2 German army uniforms.

To find out more about our reproduction uniforms and the originals that inspired them, click on any uniform jacket or follow the links below.

M1936 Feldbluse | M1940 Feldbluse | M1942 Feldbluse |
M1943 Feldbluse | M1944 Feldbluse | Waffen-SS Officer's Field Blouse