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Updated 8/17/98

Sometimes problems come up when we introduce new uniforms (especially German uniforms, which are hallmarks of Teutonic inefficiency and overengineering). This means new uniforms are sometimes late getting out and this can lead to problems with people thinking we've skipped off to Rio to live off their $200 uniform payment. This page is intended to keep customers up to date on when they can expect to get an order filled for products that are causing us problems. We want every uniform we sell to have as authentic an appearance as it can possibly have, and sometimes we really have to work out some bugs before shipping new products for the first time.

Luftwaffe Tropical Trousers & Shirts
Yes they're three months late and counting. The good news is that the regular length inseam trousers (fits 5'10" and under) are done and shipping. The bad news is that the longer length (6' to 6'4") trousers are still under construction with delivery date slipping another 2-3 weeks.

German Army M40 and Waffen-SS M42 HBT Summer uniforms
We keep selling out of the mid-range (42-46 sizes on these), but we should have another batch completed in 2-3 weeks. We've got plenty of larger SS sizes and we have all Army M43 pattern sizes in stock.

This project was knocked completely off schedule by the blazing heat of summer and the red hot demand for Summer uniforms. We're trying to get these out in November at this point.

German Army service shirts (heereshemd)
We've had a hard time getting the right material (the heavy jersey stuff that everyone loved) but we'll get more .

German Caps
We're way behind on German caps. They are coming big time. We're putting special emphasis on the Army M34 and Waffen-SS M40 caps. We hope to have all orders filled by October 1.

Enlisted shoulder straps for German Army and SS
We've got plenty of field gray artillery, infantry and panzergrenadier shoulder straps in stock. We should have the reed green (infantry, panzergrenadier, jäger), dark green (infantry, jäger, artillery, cavalry, panzer, medics), and field gray jäger, cavalry, panzer and medics, as well as black SS with white piping completed by mid-September.
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