"One of the sinuous folds or ridges of the surface of the brain."

From the inception of the "Worlds" the one "God" has inseminated his seed throughout his creations. This seed, known as spirit to the physical being, has been present since the beginning of time. God empowered all things with his spirit. As senses for an experiencial being this spirit became the driving force for updating and manipulating creation. Everything that spirit knew, knew he also. Every change that spirit made, was the will of God. All things acted and reacted according to the perfect will of God. Nature was and is a self modifying process based on the necessity of life according to the laws of God established at the time of creation. Early in the scheme of things God empowered the portions of himself, assigned to monitor creation, with freewill. His spirit was then able to enter and leave all areas of creation at will. It could make decisions and alter existence while taking up abode in different elements of creation. Indwelling first lower life forms and causing these forms to evolve into higher forms with no apparent transitional steps, the spirit seed of "All That Is" came into this existence and left at will. There was no spirit death. Spirit entered into the world through any physical manifestation it chose. It didn't matter whether this manifestation was living or not. It soon found that it could affect its surroundings through living matter much more efficiently. When no real good came from any given life form, spirit refused to indwell that life form. As the maturation of nature evolved dinosaurs, it was determined by spirit, from indwelling these gargantuan beast , that this species offered no real advantage in molding the progression of creation, and therefore needed to be avoided. This fact was communicated to the Maker and through natural means, initiated by God, this stage of life came to an end. Spirit, by manipulating and creating reality through the facility of inhabiting various life forms was working to build a better vehicle for the containment of itself. This would facilitate a more efficient interaction with the world. Spirit could leave its inhabitant before the death of the natural body was imminent and choose another donor vehicle through which it could live. From the necessity to remain in the world longer and have more control God, through his spirit, molded man as the vehicle best suited to be the spirit house. This was the "Garden of Eden." Men inhabited and guided by spirit knew no hunger or sin. If your vehicle was suffering or dying you could just leave it and inhabit another. Original sin was when spirit, while inhabiting man, decided to manipulate creation based not on the established laws of God, but on its on whims and earthly desires. By using its freewill in this manner man condemned himself to be locked in the body in which he found himself born. This forced the spirit to abide by the changes it created. No longer could it instigate instant evolutionary change and then leave that change to be dealt with by the rest of the world. Change became much slower and more difficult to accomplish. An end to Eden had arrived. The rest is history through a not so good interpretation that is apparently not even complete. If you look at original sin as proposed in this theory and compare this supposition to the story about the fall of Gods favorite angel we soon have a compelling basis for the non existance of the DEVIL.
We are Gods favorite angels
We Erred
We Fell
We are Forgiven
We strive to be once again what we once were
We are all part of God

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