I really want to hear from you and interact with you.  We have set up several message boards for you to be able to share your thoughts and how my music has impacted you.  You will need to register to use the boards.  You will find the registration link on the discussion boards themselves. 

I have a general message board and then a message board for each of the albums with a discussion thread for each song on the album.  I have started the process by giving

Text Box: The Challenge with recordings is that you don’t get the interaction with the audience that I would like… so, I have set up message boards where you can share your experiences with my albums and songs—or just general thoughts. 


Contact Information

Phone: 214.370.5856

Fax: 214.379.7834

E-mail: tom@tomgrounds.com

you my thoughts behind the songs and why they were selected and what they mean to me.  I hope you will share yours.


Tom Grounds: Something That I Wanted You to Know

Something That I Wanted You to Know - Album Cover Image

Tom Grounds: Love for Sale

With the Buddy Shanahan Trio

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