tj neither seeks obscenity/indecency/offensive language, nor does he avoid it. Thus, this page may contain material often found offensive by philistines, neopuritans, and other intolerant buffoons. If you fit into one of these catagories, please go away now: You don't want to be here, but don't feel bad, you're not invited anyway. By the way, some of this stuff isn't for kids, either.

Who Is This Guy?

I guess you'd have to say I'm a semi-southerner. Borned in Atlanta, reared (mostly) in Texas. I still live in Texas on account of I like it, more specifically in Casa Linda: a (slightly unwilling) area of Dallas to which overpaid Republican bankers and lawyers venture from their antiseptic suburbs when they want to view large wooden edifices known as trees through their tinted SUV windows before rushing back to their subdivisions to lurk in stark air conditioning and hatch feckless little plots to help Dallas maintain its status as the Texas capital of antiseptic philistinism. I think they're pretty damn funny despite their personal and spiritual tragedy, but then I expect the think the same of me. So far I've achieved enough fame and notoriety with the sort of feckless little wordplay contained herein to keep me in my day job. Nonetheless, here it is.

rambles and musings:

Not quite poetry, not quite prose, not very grammatical, not very normal.


I hope you know, 'cause I don't. I've never been convinced I really understand what does and does not constitute poetry. Slammers and academics have lengthy and beautifully ludicrous arguments about what does and does not constitute poetry. If you ever hear one, I hope you're wearing old shoes. Of course, none of these discussions have stopped me from wantonly committing random acts of poetry.


See An excerpt from tj's first novel Rise At Nine, and meet the members of the rock band Moronic Ox as they attend a sporting event.

New Stuff

Something I've written and/or posted recently. Hopefully it's something that will later be added elsewhere. If I don't decide it sucks. Fall 2002 features Clockwatching, an amusing little ditty about the nine to five grind.


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