Best Professional Editor Hugo Nominees and Winners

Hugo Awards (Science Fiction Achievement Awards) are presented for work in the field of science fiction or fantasy by the members of the World Science Fiction Society every year at the World Science Fiction Convention.

A Professional Editor is an editor of any professional publication devoted primarily to science fiction or fantasy during the previous calendar year. A professional publication is one that had an average press run of at least ten thousand (10,000) copies per issue.

Below is a complete list of the Best Professional Editor Hugo nominees and winners from 1973 (the first year the award was presented) to the present.





Jim Baen

Ben Bova

Terry Carr
(1938 - 1987)

Ellen Datlow

Judy-Lynn del Rey
(1943 - 1986)

Gardner Dozois

Scott Edelman

Edward L. Ferman

David G. Hartwell

Shawna McCarthy

Beth Meacham

Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Mike Resnick

Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Charles C. Ryan

Stanley Schmidt

George H. Scithers

Robert Silverberg

Brian Thomsen

Gordon Van Gelder

Ted White

Donald A. Wollheim
(1914 - 1990)

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