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Come on in and make yourself at home. Take your shoes off and scroll around a byt.
This is my first attempt at building a HomePage. Some rooms are being decorated. Please bear with me.

Below is the D TOUR of the rooms in D MAN'S CyberDen:

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Sure to become a national treasure, The D MAN Art Collection is now open to the public. Entering this room, you embark upon a unique journey into the artistic visions of D Man. Original works of art and photo enhancements are the subject of this room. It's free. Enjoy!

The Yahlp Room: In this room are my personal thoughts. Poems, narratives, essays, editorials, etc. This is where the D MAN makes his opinions and questions public. It is also where other people's articles will be displayed. Check it out. A cool place to have running debates and open discussions online.

If you are interested in creating an online publication please EME.

UNDER CONSTRUCTIONTDZ Magazine: Created By KIDZ 4 KIDZ. In this room you'll find the hottest new publication in the world today. My fifth graders have gone to press and created their own internet magazine for kids. From what the pollsters tell us, adults enjoy it even more. Media moguls have asked us not to publish TDZ because it might put them out of business. Oh, well. That's the free market society for you. Enjoy it hot off the net.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION StarFleet Academy proudly opens its new "Campus-On-The-Web": D-University. This room is specifically designed for my fifth grade students [The Next Generation] to have access to fun learning activities via the internet. Here begins the future of education. Always remember:

Ex Eruditio, Sapientia (y'all)

Net Trekkers Ten Forward Lounge: Had a hard day fighting Romulans? Here's a page for folks who enjoy StarTrek. Sit back and relax. StarTrek is one program that brings us a positive, hopeful vision for the future of mankind. Activate scanners now.

Surf Long, and Prosper.

"Gotta Be":UNDER CONSTRUCTION>" Links to KEWL SITES "around this Universe we call the WEB.


Anything you'd like published here, or any suggestions on how to improve the page, please EME:

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