Cloning Humans - What Will It Mean?

Ed Uthman, MD

Diplomate, American Board of Pathology

9 Mar 1997

I am sure you were all as stultified as I when it was announced recently that in the UK a sheep had been cloned from an udder cell of an adult ewe. Not to be outgunned in the clone wars, abashed American researchers upped the ante by quickly throwing something together in the lab, dosing up on coffee and phen/phen, pulling an all-nighter, and cloning a monkey. As any veteran watcher of science fiction movies knows, whenever an experiment is conducted on a monkey, it will be done on a human within a few days. So let's face it: the clones are coming!

But never fear. I have done some serious research on this subject by undertaking extended expeditions to both Blockbuster and Hollywood Video. Here are the startling conclusions of what the ability to clone humans will mean.

Anyway, I hope this clears up everyone's fears and uncertainties about human cloning.