On The Insanity of Pap Smear Practice

Ed Uthman, MD

Diplomate, American Board of Pathology

11 Apr 1995

Today's paper had a story about a pathologist and a Pap lab being recommended for criminal indictment by an inquest jury for some form of homicide in the cases of two women who died of cervical cancer following reports of negative Pap smears. This apparently happened in Milwaukee or thereabouts.

This is just another item that tends to corroborate my long-held belief that any pathologist who reads Pap smears (myself included) is certifiably insane. Consider explaining this to a Harvard-trained M.B.A. who you are approaching to be a silent partner in setting up your cytology lab:

So, Mr. Harvard M.B.A., wouldn't you just love to put your money in a Pap lab?