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A bit about Me.

Hi and welcome to my Home Page! In the following paragraphs I will tell you a bit about me and give some links to related places on the net that I hope you will find interesting.

I was born in Essex, just outside London, England. When I was just a couple of months old my family moved to Kingston, Jamaica where we lived until 1978 when we moved to the Cayman Islands. In case you are wondering, the Cayman Islands are a chain of three small islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, located approximately 480 miles south of Miami, Florida. Quite an idyllic life growing up on a small Caribbean island, huh? :-) Well if you are in Tourism or Banking, Cayman is the place to be, but unfortunately for me there aren't many jobs in my field of interest, Electronics and Computing. Even though I no longer reside permanently in Cayman, is it where I call "home" and the rest of my family still lives there.

In 1988 I left Cayman to attend the University of London and study for a degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Computer Science. In 1992 I achieved my goal and graduated with a First Class Honors degree.

While at University I was sponsored by BBC Television and spent my vacation and spare time working as an engineer at Television Centre in London in the Technical Investigations and Evaluation Department and television studios. As part of my final year design project for University I designed a computer based system for automating television camera colorimetry measurement and adjustment. This project automated the alignment of part of the color circuits in a television camera, (the linear matrix if you really want to know!) which is probably one of the most critical adjustments for correct color balancing and matching between different cameras. My project cut adjustment time from about one hour per camera to under 5 minutes and increased the accuracy to which the cameras could be adjusted. It won the Rank Taylor Hobson Prize for best design in 1992. This system is still in regular use within the BBC, more than 10 years after it was completed!

If you are thinking about a career in Television or Radio Broadcast Engineering, take a look at the courses offered at the BBC Centre for Broadcasting Skills Training. This training center is without question one of the best in the world and is equipped with all of the latest broadcast gear.

After graduating University, I was offered a job as an electronic design engineer with Mitsubishi Electric at the Image & Information System Works (Display Monitor Factory) in Nagasaki, Japan. I have always been intrigued with Japan, the Japanese culture and it was my lifelong dream go there, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. Nagasaki is located on the southern island of Kyushu, one of the most beautiful areas of Japan. Nagasaki was the unfortunate target of the second atomic bomb on August 9, 1945, but has since made a remarkable recovery from the devastation caused.

The Image & Information System Works is the main design and manufacturing center for displays ranging from 15" CRT desktop monitors, to 42" CRT Presentation monitors, to the huge Diamond Vision displays used in sports stadiums around the world. I worked on many aspects of display monitor design, however my favorite area was firmware and automatic adjustment systems used to adjust display monitors during production and assembly. I expanded this system to allow end users to adjust their display monitors using a software control panel, instead of the normal front panel pushbutton controls. I wrote the control software to do this, called Diamond Control (MEGU in the Japanese domestic market) and it is available for Windows and Macintosh platforms. My software won the CADENCE Magazine Editors' Choice award in 1994.

Living in Japan was what I consider one of the best experiences in my life and I plan to someday return there. Japan has such a rich culture and the people are extremely friendly. In the town in which I lived and worked there were only about 3 or 4 other gaijin (foreigners), and I was the only foreigner ever to work for Mitsubishi in Nagasaki. The language and culture barriers were quite difficult at first, but I was soon able to learn enough of the language and kanji to survive. I feel quite honored to have worked there and been accepted into their society. Having said that, I can relate to most of the things in You've Been In Japan Too Long When...

In October of 1995 I transferred to Mitsubishi Electronics America in Dallas, Texas. It was quite a reverse culture shock suddenly being surrounded by "Westerners". As Senior Design Engineer, I headed display monitor development in the US for the design center in Japan. My favorite project was development and support of the SpectraView color calibrated display system for Macintosh and Windows. Other projects included, monitor communications and various utilities for special applications involving monitors, as well as writing USB drivers and various projects with Adobe, Microsoft and several computer animation firms. Recent advances in display technology such as Plasma and LCD panels make this is very exciting and dynamic area for development.

In mid 2000, my division of Mitsubishi merged with the display division of NEC. The new company is called NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics of America Inc.

In the (little) spare time I have, I design home automation systems and various interface projects using PIC Microcontrollers. I also create 3D pictures and renderings. Sadly in the last few years I haven't had time to update my portfolio much. I use 3D Studio exclusively for all my 3D work. I consider 3D Studio to be one of the most powerful 3D programs available (and it should be for the price, about $3000!).

Well, that's probably way more than enough about me, so here is some information about the computers I use to produce the pictures in my Gallery.

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