MiniDisc Manger - ReadMe

April 28 2001
Version 1.01 (010428)
by William Hollingworth


MiniDisc Manager allows computer control of Sony MiniDisc recorders that have a compatible slink control port using the Slink-e controller available from Nirvis Systems (see below). This software was written for the MDS-JB920 model, but it should work with other Sony recorders. Some earlier models such as the MDS-JB700 don't support all the functions such as title editing.



Basic Software Features

1. Fully automatic downloading of disc and track names from the player
2. Easy editing and uploading of disc and track names to the player
3. Displays current track and disc names with a scrolling display
4. Displays track and total disc lengths
5. Displays recorder modes:
    Record input signal type (analog, optical etc.)
    Stereo or Mono recording
    Play mode (shuffle, program or continue)
    Repeat mode
6. Basic player functions:
        FF, REW
        Next Track, Previous Track
7. Direct track access by double clicking track name
8. Editing functions:
        Track Erase
        Track Move
        Track Split
        Track Combine
        A-B Erase
9. Copying of disc and track names into the clipboard for printing disc labels etc.
10. Window size can be expanded to view more tracks and long track names
11. T-Rec recording mode
12. Music Scan
13. Automatic recorder display text scrolling


How To Use

First, be sure to configure the correct Slink-e port in the preferences dialog. Restart the program if you changed the port number:

Most of the functions are fairly obvious, however a few are worth pointing out:



  1. Sony slink compatible MiniDisc recorder (e.g. MDS-JB920)
  2. Nirvis Systems Slink-e controller
  3. Slink-e ActiveX server software from Nirvis Systems
  4. Slink cable
  5. Windows 95/98/NT4/2000
  6. MFC4 DLLs (installed with Slink-e software)
  7. WinAmp 2.5e or later (optional)


Software Installation

  1. Extract all the files in the ZIP download into an empty directory.
  2. Make a desktop shortcut to mdmanager.exe
  3. Optional - Copy the gen_winamp2slink.dll file into your \winamp\plugins directory (i.e. C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins)


Known Problems with current version (000210)

  1. A-B Erase - no error checking on player mode



1. Will this work with anything other than a Sony MD Recorder with slink?

2. Do you have any plans to support other non-Sony MD Recorders or write software for Linux or Mac OS?
NO! I don't have time or resources to do this.



Problem: Track lengths or track names are not loaded completely

Solution: Select "Reload Info" from the "File" menu. Some other device may have been communicating on the slink-e while the command was being sent.

Problem: Message "No Slink Devices Found"

Solution: Quit MiniDisc Manager and wait for Slink-e server to unload. Start MiniDisc Manager again. Make sure CDJ is set to use the Slink-e server.


Future Enhancements

Displaying of disc and track record dates and times

Tool-tip help



I will continue to make improvements and updates to the software. If you would like to be notified when a new version is available, please send me an email message


Revision History

V1.01 - 01/04/29

V0.97 - 00/02/10

V0.96 - 99/12/10

V0.95 - 99/8/06

V0.94 - 99/6/13

V0.93 - 99/5/08

V0.92 - 99/5/01

V0.91 - 99/4/14

V0.90 - 99/4/10



For bug reports, success stories comments, questions, suggestions, job offers etc.:

MiniDisc Manager is available at:

Find out more about the Nirvis Slink-e controller at:


By using the MiniDisc Manager software, you agree to the following terms:

1. MiniDisc Manager software is available free of charge and must not be resold or included with other software packages without prior authorization from William Hollingworth.

2. This software must not be distributed or copied without prior authorization from William Hollingworth.

3. No warrantees are given or implied. If it works, great! If it doesn't I'll try to help, but I'm not responsible for any damage to your system or MiniDiscs.

4. Copyrights, brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

5. The MiniDisc Manager software is Copyright (C) 1999-2001 William Hollingworth.