Kenneth Wills

Welcome to my web site.

Maybe one day this will expand, but right now it's just about stamps and LP records.


If you are a stamp collector, and you would like to exchange stamps, you have come to the right place. I call myself a stamp addict rather than a hobbyist, as over the last 50 years I have accumulated over a hundred thousand duplicates. I am still in the process of cataloging them -- a never ending task! -- and you can go from here to my detailed lists by country.

Trading options

In the course of several decades of stamp trading with many partners, I have found that there are several viable options for running a successful series of exchanges. Please take a look at my Stamp Trading Principles for ways you might like to trade with me. I also have a list of catalogue numbers of stamps that I can offer wholesale in lots of ten in exchange for similar wholesale lots you may want to get rid of.

Trying to keep everything up to date

Instead of updating this page every time there is a change, I refer you to my journal of changes which lists all additions and upgrades by date since January 2015.

I still need to add a considerable number of countries to my lists on this website. Meanwhile, if the country you are interested in seems to be missing, just drop me an e-mail and I will send you a printed list.

I hope you will visit these pages regularly. You will find that (normally!) I am modifying the lists frequently, and adding new ones all the time.

Getting in touch

There are three ways you can contact me:

1 E-mail

2 Snail mail: email me or telephone for my postal address so that I know who you are. Don't forget to give me your own address to respond to.

3 Telephone: USA (817) 488-8948

Recordings of classical music

This is my other great collecting interest. Yes, I still buy vinyl LPs at garage sales, typcially at 25ยข (US ), but I also have a lot to dispose of because they duplicate my CDs or other LPs.

Take a look at my list of surplus records. I compiled his list a few years ago, and have not yet found the time to add several hundred more records should be on it! If there's something you want, I may be interested in trading it for one of your own surplus LPs. Once we reach an agreement, I would mail my record to you at my expense, and you would mail yours to me at your expense. The condition of my records varies from mint to scratched up, so if this is important to you, I can give you a report on any specific record.

Contact me as described above.