* A Tale of Two Kittens *

We are two orphaned kittens that were rescued by Andrea
on August 19, 2002, when we were about 12 days old.
Our names are Abby and Alex.



We Are Adopted . . . .


On August 18, 2002, Andrea stopped at the Richardson, TX Animal Shelter to let them know she would be interested in raising an orphaned kitten. She was told that it would probably be next Spring before any real young kittens became available.



Ohe very next day, the two of us were found near a creek and brought to the Shelter. Andrea was called and told that we were there waiting for her. Although Andrea was expecting just one kitten, since we were brother and sister, she decided to take us both. She picked us up right after work and brought us home.



We weighed only a little over 6 ounces, hadn't started to grow teeth, and could barely stand on our own. But, we now had a brand new home.