At Our New Home . . . .


We were so little when Andrea adopted us that we could fit in Andrea's hand. We liked laying in her hand. We felt all safe and secure.



We also liked that Andrea adopted us together. It has been nice being able to keep our closeness with each other.



W guess we should let you know which one of us is which. Alex is on the left. Abby is on the right. When we were first adopted, Abby was bigger than Alex, but he has quickly become bigger than her.



I am Alex. Although Abby and I are from the same litter, we are VERY different. I am told I might be part Russian Blue. All I know is I am very soft and cuddly.



Wbby here. Unlike my brother, Alex, I don't appear to have any Russian Blue traits. I am pretty typical tabby cat. Although Alex thinks he is soft and cuddly, I am special because I am just so cute and adorable.