Life After A couple Of Weeks At Our New Home . . . .


Andrea watches our weight closely to make sure we are growing as we should. We were just over 6 ounces when Andrea adopted us. As you can see, after just a couple of weeks I am almost a full pound.

I will sure be pleased when we get big enough that we won't have to stay in that bowl to be weighed.



I hope you will help me keep my little secret. Even though I look bigger than Abby, it is mostly because of my fluffy fur. As the scale shows, Abby and I are exactly the same weight.

I agree with Abby. I will be glad when we out grow that bowl.



After a busy hour or so of playing and discovering our new home, I get exhausted. Andrea got us this nice little house that we play in, hide in, and, as you can see, relax in.



We both like the house that Andrea got for us. She calls it a cat house, but I think that means something else.

Look at Alex above. Doesn't he look like a muppet? Now, look at me. See, I am the cuter one!



Regardless of what I say about my brother, he is still my best friend.

At the end of the day, I love to snuggle up with him.