Aerobatic airplanes:

Since 1980, AVT has been involved in the design and engineering of a number of aerobatic airplanes. The most recent of which is shown below.

Eigenhawk Solution

The owner of this example is Mr. Steve Grohsmeyer and he has named his mount Eigenhawk Solution. The airplane was professionally built by Mr. C. E. Rockwell of Lincoln California.

This is the sixth airplane designed and engineered by the AVT Engineering Co. during the past fifteen years. The first of the previous aircraft was called SR 300 by its owner and was featured in an article appearing in the April 1991 issue of Sport Aviation.

One of the design goals was to keep the construction simple and avoid the use of complex tooling and expensive materials.

The fuselage and tail feathers are constructed of welded chromalloy tubing and covered with fabric. There are some wooden formers and stringers used to obtain the outside contour. From the cockpit forward, the fuselage is skinned with aluminum panels which are removable. As can be seen above, windows were added below the wing in the sides of the fuselage for visibility during aerobatic maneuvers. In addition, windows were also added to the corresponding belly skins for the same reasons.

The wing is constructed using spruce wing spars, plywood ribs and wing covering. The main wing spar is a built up box section reinforced with a little bit of carbon fiber in the spar caps. The rear wing spars are solid spruce. The main wing spar is continuous from tip to tip and mounts to the fuselage frame in a saddle arrangement. The ailerons are built up from spruce and plywood and covered with fabric.

The control system utilizes anti-friction bearings and push/pull tubes for the aileron and elevator controls. The landing gear is a one piece aluminum spring gear with off-the-shelf Cleveland wheels and brakes. The powerplant is a Lycoming AEIO 540 developing 315 horsepower.

The airplane is capable of flying all Aresti maneuvers comfortably and safely as it has a safe load factor of +/- 15 G's. The above airplane made its first flight August 31st accumulating 15 hours of flight time during the weekend most of which was performing aerobatics.

A complete set of engineering drawings for the Eigenhawk Solution will be available soon for those who would like to build one of these exciting airplanes.

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