AVT supports Stiletto at the Reno Air Races:

Though it didn't start off as an original Mustang, Stiletto was created out of parts from a variety of airplanes as well as hand crafted specialty assemblies. During its creation, Stiletto was constructed without the familiar scoop under the fuselage. Instead radiators were installed in the wings with air inlet openings in the wing leading edges.

In 1992, AVT and Skylanes Unlimited teamed up to build and install water/alcohol boil off systems for the oil cooling and glycol cooling systems needed for the engine. This eliminated all air scoops except for the engine air intake system.

By varying the ratio of water to alcohol, the boiling temperature of the mixture can be precicely controlled to produce the desired engine oil temperature and the desired engine coolant temperature.

The little round hole shown in the picture above is an overboard steam vent for one of the two boil off systems. While running on the ground, steam can be seen escaping through the overboard vents giving the appearance that something must be wrong with the airplane.

Both water/alcohol systems were designed to have a little more endurance than the fuel tankage so that the engine always had adequate cooling. This cooling scheme worked flawlessly for the week of racing at Reno.

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