Modified Stephens Acro:

This airplane started its life as a stock Stephen Acro which seems to be the root of most mid-wing monoplanes. AVT was called on to design a brand new wing incorporating a built up box section main wing spar and a symmetrical airfoil. The new wing was designed to have a 12% NACA airfoil section at the wing tip and a 16% NACA airfoil section at the wing root.

The fuselage was modified to add additional strength to the forward section and a deeper wing mounting saddle to accept the new deeper main wing spar. The engine mount was modified and strengthened as well. Additional changes were also made to the tail feathers. This example is the first of five airplanes to fly with this wing design.

The airplane is currently flying in this configuration and now resides in California. It can be seen boring holes in the skies near San Francisco under the masterful touch of its pilot/owner Mr. Tom Myers

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