This site is intended as a Repository of Hamrick, Hamric, Hambrick, and Hemrick genealogy. (and other variations) Many persons have contributed their data to this site so that others may find their cousins and ancestors. Use it as a guide to researching you family.

The data here is not all accurate and as new data, dates and children are discovered readers are encouraged to submit their data for inclusion. Many persons have accurate dates for their immediate ancestors but not for the brother's and sister's of their ancestors.

Corrections are solicited. You may know of a family Bible, a tombstone, or letters available only to you that will add and correct the data. This is your family and your page. Make it the most accurate it can be to help your cousins.

This Hamrick Hambrick Genealogy presented here has been the result of many long years of research done by Tressy Nealy. She has accumulated Hamrick data in Census, Deeds, Wills, and other documents. If you have been helped by this data give her a thank you at tlnealy@aol.com. She probably has some census data and other documents of your ancestors.

Another major contributor is Steven Bridges. He has taken the available data and reconstructed the probable Hamrick Family. While the order of birth and estimated dates may vary, his logic has put the family together in a "Most Likely" arrangement. When 18 year old sons start having children when their parents are still having children and living on adjacent farms, at times it is uncertain where a child belongs. Steve has done this hard work for us. He can be reached at: huskyfan@ix.netcom.com for consultations.

Send Coments, Corrections and New Data

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