Universal Auxiliary Language
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The first deals with the establishment of a universal auxiliary language. Bah'u'llh refers to this matter in the Book of Aqdas and in many of His Tablets. Thus in the Tablet of Ishrqt He says:

The Sixth Ishrq (Effulgence) is Concord and Union amongst men. Through the radiance of Union have the regions of the world at all times been illumined, and the greatest of all means thereunto is the understanding of one another's writing and speech. Ere this, in Our Epistles, have We commanded the Trustees of the House of Justice, either to choose one of the existing tongues, or to originate a new one, and in like manner to adopt a common script, teaching these to the children in all the schools of the world, that the world may become even as one land and one home.

-- Esslemont, Baha'u'llah and the New Era