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It’s been a while since I updated this page, and a lot has happened over the last few years. First I moved from Dallas, Texas back to Austin Texas.  I changed jobs in the process.   The increased work load is part of the reason why this site hasn’t been updated lately.   We love the Texas Hill country and have bought a Ranch off of the Devil’s backbone. The Ranch is west of the town of Fisher, Texas.  We intend to restore the small farmhouse that’s on the Ranch. More information about  Weathertop Ranch below.

What's New with my projects?

The links below lead you to  what I’m spending my free time on right now.



Weathertop Ranch



 I have been interested in robotics for a long time. Some of my first robotics projects were done while I was a Undergraduate at the University of Texas in Austin. I built a 68332 based board to control a robot arm. The board worked with a robot arm (Microbot?) and a Rhino Robots conveyor belt to simulate a factory. This was fun. I designed and built the electronics but there was not much mechanical design involved.

I went to work at IBM Austin where I was introduced to Forth as a bring up tool for new hardware and then as hardware independent kernel (OpenBoot Firmware). At IBM I met several people in the Austin Robotics Group and became very interested in building robots but never actually found the time to complete one. (The story for quite a few of my projects).

I took a new job and moved to Dallas where I found out about the Dallas personal Robotics Group (DPRG)
I competed in the September 12 DPRG Competition with my first Robot, Tom Servo. See details below.

I am now working on a Distributed Robotics Architecture for Tom Servo  In the process of moving back to Austin (YAY!) I had to put the robots on hold for a while. I am looking forward to getting back into it sometime soon. I will probably implement my robot architecture with a single chip controller built by Qlogic (the company I work for). The controller has an ARM processor and lots of I/O. watch this space soon.


Tom Servo


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