Weathertop Ranch

Our goal is to raise High Quality Beef and Produce. Using sustainable and animal friendly approaches. Weathertop Ranch produces grass fed beef free from animal hormones and free from contaminants. In order to accomplish this, the ranch will not rely on feed lot operation but instead use a larger area per head of beef and allow them to free range. Although more expensive then a mass market feed lot raised beef. The customer can take comfort in the piece of mind of knowing our animals are not raised on contaminated grain and feed, and the animals have been ethically raised and well cared for. Our animals are raised in a way similar to the way their ancestors were, 500 years ago. The result, beef higher in carotene and vitamins is visible in each cut.




Brad Garton

Weathertop Ranch












Longhorn Cow and Calf.

This picture taken on the front lawn of the farmhouse.  The farmhouse is visible from the aerial photo below. The 3 white dots in the center of the picture are the house, garage and a Barn.



Aerial Photo of Ranch (above)





Topograph of the same area as the aerial photo, with Farmhouse drawn.  Ranch boundaries are in Red.



The topographic map of the area around where we are located is below. Weathertop Ranch is the red outlined area just north of  Canyon Lake. Blanco, Texas is the town to the Northwest (upper left) that sits on Highway 281. (The thick red line is hwy 281)




Progress 4/1/2002


Since March 2000, we have been clearing downed Cedar trees from thee access road to Hwy 32. In addition we have cleared the interior fence around the yard of the  farmhouse and the barnyards. All of this has been done using chainsaws and by hand. This was extremely hard work. My son’s Zachary and Matthew helped quite a bit and we now have all the fence line cleared. The external fences on the North, South and East sides are all new. The west fence line is now being cleared and we have patched several top wire breaks.


We bought 7 bred Longhorn cows and 3 calves in March of 2002. We also bought 2 doe Nubian goats. We’re trading for another two goats and a Great Pyrananese dog to protect the goats from predators. We plan to fence the hen house and move the chickens from our House in Austin (closer to Dripping Springs). Right now we have 25 chickens although 7 will be removed soon, as they are too old to lay.  In addition to our cows. My neighbor Tim King has leased the right to graze 6 animal units on our place.


Things to do still:


            Fix the Well  (pond has plenty of water still but need this done very soon)

            Fence the barnyard for goats

            Repair all the gates on around barnyard


The farmhouse is in bad need of  restoration. Initially we will only be using it to stay over the weekend to work on the ranch and as temporary home until we can build our house. (I am in the processes of designing the house.) The most immediate need is to get water running and after that:


            Restore Water

            Replace/Repair Siding on House

            Repair windows

            Repaint House