Trophy Status:

The trophy will be displayed on the prominent window shelf with "Ladies" or "Men" Champs facing the playing table for all the time between game sessions. The session Champs are determined by the team winning the most seven mark games in any one playing session.



WHAMINO Origin and Revisions:

The game originated in the home of Bobby Holloway in early 1998. Bobby Holloway, Mary Holloway, Tommy Thomas and Nancy Thomas had played the domino game of 42 beginning in 1980 as often as their family lifestyle would allow. Bobby had noticed that the dominoes could be played in suits in a manner that would cause the dominoes to form a pattern much like count dominoes, but played in suits and suggested they could develop a new domino game. He made a simple set of rules and suggested the name of WHAMINO™, designed a Trophy and the sessions began.

After two short months of play and many observations on the difficulty of playing doubles other than the first downed double; and that the Offense and WHAMINO bids were near impossible to win, Tommy suggested a new bid. The new bid would be somewhat like the PLUNGE bid played in the domino game of 42. Nancy, Mary and Bobby were quick to accept this new bid offer, since every game seemed to be a Defense game. This new bid was named 4 Marks, Doubles On The Side (4MODOTS).

After much discussion about making public the winning status of the Men and the Ladies, it was decided that such a display of ego mania would be distasteful. After all, who is counting anyway? So, until this day the only way one can know anything about the scoring history is to be present at each and every time a session is played. Or one could take a look at the trophy as it is displayed in the northeast window of THE_HOLLOWAY_INN_HOWE_Tx. to see who won the last session.

The Trophy has been in permanent display at THE_HOLLOWAY_INN_HOWE_Tx. since the beginning of the game in early 1998.




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