Welcome to the Fur Fetish home page!

Welcome to the home page of Fur Fetish. As you probably can see, this page is still under construction. If you're a true fur fetishist, you'll probably want to know what's behind these beautiful furs you see in the background. Well, to be honest, not much right now. But there will be in the near future! And what'll be there, is up to you!

Let me know what you think should be included on these pages. I'll consider almost any suggestions, as long as it has to do with fur of course. And be sure, every mail sent to me gets an answer. So let's hear it!

Suggestions can include, but are not limited to:

You'll probably have much more (and probably better as well!) suggestions then me. So let's hear it, and click at the "Send suggestions" button below! You will always receive a response.

For those of us who can't wait to get going, there is already a mailing group about the Fur Fetish. You're reading this, and you're not yet a member? Request info by clicking the below button as well!

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