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to the Bylaws of the Boulevard Oaks Civic Association


"The BOCA Bylaws have not been updated since 1989, despite the fact that changes have been voted in and followed in practice over the ensuing years. An updated version of the Bylaws will be brought up for a vote at the BOCA Annual Meeting on June 17, 2008 at 7:00. A Summary of the changes is below. A redline copy of the full proposed Bylaws, with changes highlighted, may be found by clicking here.


II: Definitions
" The Bylaws have removed any reference to different classes of membership; now, there is only one kind of membership.
" The distinction between the Original Neighborhood and the Cherokee Additions has been removed. All former "additions" plus the Original Neighborhood are now simply part of "Boulevard Oaks", which is defined by a new boundary description.
" "Fiscal Year," "Member," and "Non-resident Owner" definitions are now given.
" Some important clarifications:
o Required writings, written approvals, or written notifications can be satisfied using email, electronic, printed, or any other commonly accepted form of "writing."

III: Membership
" Membership for a given year is automatic for 1) Boulevard Oaks property owners who themselves do not live at the property owned, and 2) Boulevard Oaks residents who, in each case, pay dues for such year, effective upon their payment.

IV: Meeting of members
" Section 3: The language has been updated so that written notification expressly includes email or other electronic forms of "written" communication. Members can now be contacted at their physical address, email address, or other electronic address.
" Section 4: Quorums are constituted by the presence of 30 voting members, rather than 1/10 of the membership.

VI: Directors; Selection; Term of Office
" Section 1 and 2: Bylaws now correctly state that there are 12 Directors, not 9.

VII: Nomination and Elections of Directors and Officers

" Section 1: The concept of geographical diversity has been incorporated into the Nominating Committee's charge.

VIII: Meeting of Board
" Section 3: A Board quorum is now defined as any combination of eight Directors and/or Officers.

XI: Powers and Duties of the Board
" Section 2 (c): The Board is now allowed to fix the amount of dues at least 10 days in advance of each annual meeting.

X: Officers and their Duties
" The office of Past President has been added and the role explained.

XIII: Dues
" The Board may now periodically determine dues amounts, without reference to a required timetable. The decided amounts will be made public and members will be notified of them.

XVI: Miscellaneous:
" This contents of this Article (defining the Fiscal Year) have been relocated into the definitions of Article II.

Articles I, V, XI, XII, XIV and XV have no proposed substantive changes.