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                                           Last Week's Sermon

                                                                                 Sunday, June 11th 2000

                                                                           "Praise God"

                                                         Main Passage: Psalm 145: 1-21


1. Praise God for His great acts

    A) Intend to praise the great God - vv.1-3

     B) Declare God's greatness to kids - v.4

     C) Meditate on the greatness of God - v.5

     D) Shout to all about God's greatness - v.6-7

2. Praise God for His mighty kingdom

      A) The Kings character is great - vv.8-10

      B) The King is powerful in His realm - vv.11-13

      C) The King takes care of business - vv.14-16

3. Praise God for our deliverance

      A) God delivers us - vv.17-19

      B) God makes distinctions - Love Him - v.20

      C) Praise God with our mouth - v.21


Passages used: Psalm 145:1-21; Duet. 6:4-9

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